Automatic short rib cutting machine

☑️ As the equipment works automatically, the safety of the worker is paramount as there is no risk of accident.
☑️ Workers do not have to be strong professionals, this equipment can be easily operated by everyone.
☑️ It doesn’t matter the thickness of the meat. Once the equipment is automatically adjusted, it can easily cut large quantities of meat.
☑️ Although the meats are different and the shape of the short thick ribs are different, you can cut the meat into the same shape and equal thickness.
☑️ Since the control method is touch screen, it is simple and easy to use and operate.
☑️ Short ribs (Korean style Braised Short Rips), LA Galbi fish, tuna, beef legs, beef leg bones, Braised Short Rips (when cutting the second part of Braised Short Rips), etc. This machine can be used for cutting products.

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