Abso-clean/Technology & utilization effect

AbsoClean-characteristics & effects ?Sterilization, cleaning, deodorization, moisturizing, soothing 99.9% sterilization of various pathogenic bacteria, bacteria, and viruses within 30 seconds Effective against SARS and MERS. ?Stronger sterilizing ability and safety than alcohol. ? Non-alcoholic, non-toxic, non-irritating Hand wash + Effective for disinfection of face and respiratory system. AbsoClean-used in hospitals •Hospital-infection prevention, Read More

Virus Buster Mask-Folder

✅Using copper ion-bonded fiber CAZ fiber, the virus that touched the surface was destroyed 99.9% within 5 minutes✅Quadruple structure including virus destruction layer (CAZ fiber), virus blocking layer (membrane filter), support layer, and skin care layer.✅ Including 10 inner liner sheets Fiber Composition: (Outer fabric) Polyethylene polypropylene composite fiber, (Filter) Read More