Automatic fryer

One of the most successful companies in South Korea ‘s own industry MIC-1 (small)This equipment is easy to use in school, college, university, cinema, Karoake, Small shop, park and other public, entertainment places Hardware information MIC-2 LargeThis device performs almost the same function as the above equipment. The difference is that Read More

Rice preparation equipment 🍚 Induction Rice cooker

Easy and innovative equipment for all kitchen, cafe and restaurant business owners who care about both the environment and the workers from a well-known company that is both environmentally friendly and unique xos Now you can make your business easier and save your time by increasing the number of set Read More

Special gas and hobs for the kitchen

So what is induction?Today, the kitchen and cafe, restaurant business in South Korea is using a lot of new technologies. Because the Korean population eats a lot outside, in kitchens and cafes, more attention has been paid to this area. Hence, induction is also a method that provides convenience using new technologies Read More