CEO’s greetings


Welcome and thank you for visiting website of “K-TRADE” (Korean Commercial House).

To begin with,  my country Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries have a very big potential power to be in globally in every part of business. We will  encourage  entrepreneurs and businessmen in a different ways to be in global business steps to compete their products by supplying and introducing to them new and last modern technologies.

“K-TRADE” is professional Korean Trade company. It means, we work with the most advanced manufacturing companies in South Korea. You are introduced the products which are produced by companies that are growing and developing, striving for innovation and we will unite with you by offering excellent products.

“K-TRADE” (Korean Commercial House) will continue the efforts for growth of our partners and their successful business.

Thank you.

FARAH Karimova,

CEO of “K-TRADE” (Korean Commercial House)