Chicken powder

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  • Mild(Smoked) : Soft but strong smoked flavor mild chicken powder
  • Spicy : Korean favorite spicy chicken powder
  • Curry : Subtle turmeric for savory curry chicken powder
  • Garlic : Garlic flavor powder with a variety of good ingredients
  • How to cook homemade chicken
  • 5 minutes with microwave
  1. Prepare a fresh raw chicken
  2. Coat the raw chicken with chicken powder
  3. Put the chicken on the plate which available to use in microwave
  4. Heat it with microwave around 5~10minutes
  • 15 minutes with Arifirer
  1. The cook with air fryer will take more time than another method. However, the taste will much better with crispy fried chicken
  2. Have to check the chicken after 10 minutes with 180’c and reverse it. Then, continue heating 5 or 10 minutes.

NET WT. 0.26lbs 4.24oz (120g)

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