DJ Carborn Carboxy CO2 Gel Mask

Non-invasive carboxytherapy – revolutionary and yet proven effective way of skin rejuvenation.

The procedure is a complete system that allows you to restore the function of skin cells and interstitial respiration without injections.
The non-invasive carboxytherapy procedure allows you to restore the functions of skin cells and interstitial respiration without injections.

The essence of the method lies in the passive gas exchange of CO2 with the skin surface.

The gel is applied to the face from a container in the form of a syringe (the syringe is chosen for the purposes of tightness and convenience). Next, a dry activator mask soaked in citric acid is applied to the gel. Upon contact of the gel with the mask, a reaction begins with a strong release of CO2. The reaction lasts 20-30 minutes.

The sensation on the skin is similar to “champagne bubbles” with a slight tingling of the skin.

Thanks to the procedure, without piercing and injections, but only due to diffusion, a large number of CO2 molecules penetrate under the skin. Once under the skin, CO2 molecules inform the brain about the process of oxygen starvation.
The brain activates the regenerative processes of the skin, as a result of which vital nutrients are supplied to the zones on which the mask is located, and we see the effect.

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