Great design, great fun=Juice Maker

A machine that adapts to any environment, thanks to its design and colour variety. Minex is perfectly suitable for any type of premises, providing a bonus in terms of style and always offering the best freshly squeezed juice. 🍹

The machine that adapts to you
• Minex integrates easily into the space and style of your establishment.
• Its design, size and colour palette provide the wrapping for the best performance.
• You will get a freshly squeezed juice in just 5 seconds.
• Perfect for cafeterias, bars, pubs, small hotels and work meetings.
•Fruits per minute : 13 oranges / min
•Feeder capacity: 6/7 fruits
•Fruit diameter: 65–78 mm
Two operating modes:
· Self-service tap: to squeeze directly into the glass.
· Integrated jar: 750 ml capacity.
Multitension 220-240 V ı 50-60 Hz / 100-240 V ı 50-60 Hz / 100–115 V | 50–60 Hz
• Language settings :23 languages
•Net weight
19.5 kg | 43 lb

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