Halal Kopi Prima 3in 1

Kopi Prima with HALAL certifications. 3 in 1 is the first instant coffee that uses real coffee and milk. Taste thef finest quality ingredients in every sip of Kopi Prima.

Established in 2018, PT Sumber Kopi Prima proudly presents coffee products that combine finest quality ingredients and superior taste. The passion for coffee droves us towards seeking out the best quality ingredients to create Caffino, instant coffee mix made from real coffee and real milk.

With innovation and continuous improvement, PT Sumber Kopi Prima is committed to produce the best to produce the best quality coffee it has to offer, and the coffee expertise behind the brand come from a long line of Indonesian coffee experience – giving them the knowledge, passion and skill to craft the superior taste that people are enjoying in every cup of our product.
Every cup of Caffino is easily distinguished by its thick foam. From the first sip, you will experience our finest quality ingredients – a taste that is truly authentic.

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