KF94 and dental mask production equipment

At the Covina-19 during this pandemic if the claim is expected to continue to wear a mask is a very long period of the mask manufacturing industry and lead to a greater increase in
We want to place China in the manufacture of equipment
Here are some information about the mask device made by the Korean people, which is distinguished by several qualities: ✅ Also production of dental mask + KF94 mask
✅ 19.5 cm, not 17.5cm in length, as in Chinese equipment )
✅ Manufacture of
KF80 masks as well
✅ Manufacture of various masks using the same equipment ✅ QUALITY

Equipment for the production of Dental masks 100 ~ 120 per minute, and KF94 / KF80 masks up to 70 ~ 90 per minute

Mask production line

KF94 / 80 line line

Dental mask linear

Dimensions of the dental mask

Achieve further expansion of your trade by not only manufacturing but also exporting to neighboring Central Asian countries

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