Omega light – Low level LED Therapy

Omega light is a medical LED that consists of 287 special medical SLDs and irradiates four wavelengths: Red (640nm), Blue (423nm), Green (532nm), and Yellow (583nm). Omega light LLLT PDT phototherapy starts from wound healing and pain reduction, and is currently used for acne treatment, skin care, post-surgery recovery, hair growth treatment and obesity treatment.

RED 640nm wavelength
-Skin cell regeneration
-Promote blood circulation
-Relieves acne wounds
-Atopy, athlete’s foot improvement
-Pain relief
-Activation of active ingredients

BLUE 423nm wavelength
-Acne sterilization
-Sebaceous gland suppression
-Prevention of wound infection
-Skin trouble

GREEN 532nm wavelength
-Soothing effect
-Sensitive skin application
-Mental and mental stability

YELLOW 583nm
-Redness relief
-Pigmented lesions

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